Who We Are...

   We are a group of older parents who have sons, daughters and/or family members with mental disorders. We have been taking care of them all their lives but now that we are getting old we have to face an inevitable question. "What will become of our children once we are gone?"
        Our children are not like normal people. They have illnesses such as Schizophrenia (for more information visit Schizphrenia), Bipolar disorder (for more information visit bi-polar disorder), Autism (for more information visit Autism) and Asperger's disorder (for more information visit Asperger's disorder). 
         Click on the links provided in the brackets to get a better understanding of what individuals with mental disorders go through on a regular basis. These diseases weigh them down and as a result they may not be able to live normal lives. In many cases, patients suffering from mental disorders become incapable of personal hygine and grooming.
         Our children are struggling against these diseases and we have taken it as our responsibility to ensure that our children be given a chance to live their lives.
          To that end, we want to construct a 12 to 15 suite apartment building. Each suite will be a one bedroom apartment. Typically one occupant per suite but if there is a couple (both partners must have mental disorders) we are willing to make an exception. There will also be a two bed room suite on the main floor where the support staff will stay.